Jump Starts

Bring Your Dead Battery Back to Life

Call us for car jump start or roadside assistance services in Dayton, OH

Nothing's worse than going to start your car only to realize the battery is dead. Let the professionals at A&E Roadside Service bring it back to life with our car jump start services, available around Dayton, OH. Our roadside assistance services include jumping cars and trucks. We'll meet at your location and get right to work.

If you need a car jump start, trust our experienced team for a quick fix. Call us today at 937-422-4837 to get a free estimate for this roadside assistance service.

Get all-inclusive car jumping services

When you call us to fix a dead battery, we provide a full-service car jump start.

Our technician will:

  • Check to see if your battery can be saved
  • Jump the battery so your car restarts
  • Ensure your car stays running after the service

As we work, we'll help explain our process so you feel more comfortable jumping your car for next time. We won't leave the job until you're safe and back on the road.